$HER tokens that were not purchased in the Presale phases will be distributed as follows:
• 10,000,000 $HER tokens unsold in the presale will be burned through the BURN system;
• The remaining 3,850,000 $HER tokens will be used as staking rewards.

Before the first vesting release (25% / January 20) we will implement STAKING for those who have invested in the Presale phases. There are 4 options divided into the following periods:
• 6 months of staking = 18% rewards/year;
• 9 months of staking = 21% rewards/year;
• 12 months of staking = 25% rewards/year;
• 16 months of staking = 40% rewards/1 year and 4 months.

* This is the standard version of STAKING, it will be updated. Depending on the chosen period, we will grant additional bonuses consisting of the projects that will be launched on our launchpad. We will announce any changes in a timely manner on all of our social media channels.

The Herity Network team wishes you a better, healthier, richer New Year! Thank you for all the support, we promise 2022 to be an exceptional year! 🌏🙏🏼



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