HERITY NETWORK ’s Presale Begins!-

Understanding how to participate in the presale

The highly anticipated Presale of Herity Network (HEr) is finally here. Before we get into how to take part of this presale, I would encourage you to check out our website herity.io and read our previous article that explains exactly what Herity Network is and what we are trying to achieve. The link is provided below. https://link.medium.com/TRyjexe79kb

Is there a white list?
No, there is no white list! It is first come first serve basis until sold out for a fair pre and public sale.

What time does the Herity Network presale start?
The presale will begin on the 13th oof November at 9:00 UTC Time. You can use Google to convert this time to your local time.

When does the Presale end ?
The Presale will end on the 23th of November at 9:00 UTC time or before if the hard cap is reached. After the presale ends it will automatically be listed on our partner website JungleBookCrypto .

Where do I buy HER for the presale?
The link to Buy HER is below, you will need to have BINANCE SMART CHAIN (BEP-20) in your Meta mask/trustwallet wallet in order to buy HER’s token. Once you create an account and verified your KYC you will have the option to pick how much you want to invest in HER token:


Please make sure you sent the corect amount to this address:


Send to this address only how much buying on your order .

Double check the address to be the right one

Further details on the presale
- HardCap: 1000 BNB
- SoftCap: 600 BNB
- Max per wallet: 5000$ equivalent on BNB
- Min per wallet: 200$ equivalent on BNB
- Liquidity lock duration
365d 0h 0m 0s

HERITY NETWORK amazing community

I wanted to thank everyone in our community for supporting this project, and the Herity Network team for working non-stop around the clock to make this possible. Lets innovate and build the future! We are here to stay we are Herity Network!
Much Love,

Herity Network Project aims to deliver a Seed Investment Platform and NFT marketplace, all with a transparent and legal framework https://herity.io